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Stories | 20 August 2021

Bennetts Cranes’ employee achieves Registered Electrician certification after dedicated study and training alongside job

Bennetts’ employee Rich Emery has successfully completed his advanced Level 3 Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment and has received his ECS card to recognise he is a registered electrician.

Rich has been working and training with Bennetts Cranes for over five years. In 2018, Rich successfully passed his EAL NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installation, after attending college one day a week on day release.

Following that he started working towards his EAL Level 3 Diploma through work-based assessment.

The work for the Level 3 Diploma is in-depth and varied, including health and safety; overseeing and organising the work environment; planning, preparing and installing wiring systems and associated equipment; and inspecting, testing, commissioning and certifying electrotechnical systems and equipment.

This training was completed via work-based assessment and witness testimonials over a two-year period, which was unfortunately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this year Rich was able to complete all the final aspects of the diploma and was assessed with a three-day practical assessment, which required him to perform a set of common occupational procedures and tasks that a fully qualified electrician might face in their job when working with industrial and commercial buildings.

Rich passed the assessment with an impressive 95.2% and showed a consistent understanding across the board. He has now been registered as an Electrician with ECS under its motto “Shine a light on your gold standard” and will hold a gold ECS card to reflect this. This membership will then be renewed every 12 months.

Sue Chamberlain, QEHS Manager at Bennetts Cranes, said: “There is rigorous training and assessment for electricians, and it is extremely important in this role that electrical work is carried out safely and professionally. So we are delighted that Rich has completed all his training and is now a fully qualified and registered electrician – he is a great asset to the company.”

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