At Bennetts we offer a full service to our clients, whether you are hiring or buying a crane. Our expertise in tower cranes is unrivalled, and we are recognised in the industry for offering bespoke solutions for challenging sites. Our services include:

Hook analysis

Many sites simply need a standard crane solution, however, we find that around 20 per cent of sites need specific lifting solutions to meet their demanding conditions. With years of experience in the construction industry, our highly-skilled team are able to advise on the right crane for the job, the best positioning of the cranes on site and load capacities. Our aim is to ensure you have the best and most effective solution for your site, because we know this ultimately impacts on the build time and profitability of your job.

Crane operators

We supply professional and skilled crane operators for your construction sites. Our drivers are trained to the highest standards in operating and health and safety. They will ensure your job runs smoothly and safely.

Installation and dismantling

Whether you are hiring or purchasing a crane from us we provide a full service, from planning, delivering and installation, to dismantling and removal. With skilled and knowledgeable teams, we are able to install our cranes safely and quickly, ensuring that your site works can get moving as soon as possible.


Our hire and sales services include ongoing maintenance. Tower crane engineering requires specialist knowledge, and so we have maintenance teams on hand for emergency repairs or regular maintenance checks to maintain high levels of site safety.