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News | 05 May 2020

Bennetts Cranes operates four brand new cranes at Royal Warwick Square in Kensington

Four brand new Raimondi tower cranes are being operated at Royal Warwick Square in London, for the development of one, two, and three-bedroom luxury apartments.

Bennetts Cranes has supplied the four tower cranes to St Edwards, part of the Berkeley Group, for the exclusive development in the Royal Borough of Kensington.

The first two cranes are Raimondi LR330 luffing jib tower cranes, which were erected in September 2018 to start the initial build and to lift the large blocks at the back of the development.

The second two were erected in December. They are two new Raimondi LRH 174 hydraulic luffing jib cranes, which are now operating at the front of the development.

Both were purchased by Bennetts from Raimondi to suit the requirements of the site.

Sales director at Bennetts Cranes, Clare Rodgers, said: “Planning for this site was very specific due to the size of the site and the number of cranes required to build the apartments. We have four cranes on site working in close proximity, so it needs a strong safe system of work on site – but also a big part of the planning process on our side was to ensure there was no possibility of the cranes colliding when they are out of service.

“Having the two LRH174s is a good use of the cranes specific requirements, because not only are hydraulic cranes excellent for compact urban developments, but they also allow more cranes to work on site together, which increases hook time and helps improve the speed of the overall project.”

The Raimondi LR330 was released in 2018, and the two on the Kensington site were the first of the model to be erected worldwide. The Raimondi LRH174 is one of the newest crane models in the Raimondi range, released in 2019, and the manufacturer’s first hydraulic luffing jib crane.

The four cranes remain on site to complete the main build of all the apartment blocks.

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