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News | 25 October 2023

Bennetts Cranes provides first Sáez SL 730 to be used in UK to site using precast concrete

Bennetts Cranes, a leading specialist tower crane hire company, has provided the first Sáez SL 730 luffing jib tower crane in the UK to an 8-acre site called Camden Goods Yard.

The crane will support the lifting of heavy precast concrete frames being used to build luxury homes, workspaces, shops, and cafes due to launch in early 2024.   

The Sáez SL 730 is the newest and largest luffing jib model in the Sáez tower crane fleet. The crane is capable of hoisting a maximum of 36,000kg at a radius up to 25m from the tower, and can be configured with jib lengths from 35m to 70m depending on site requirements. Bennetts was proud to have purchased the first SL 730 that was released from the Spanish manufacturer early last year.   

Camden Goods Yard has a range of specific requirements that the Sáez SL 730 needs to meet. This includes the use of multiple crane hooks in a limited footprint, high capacity lifting of concrete frames weighing up to 30t, and the site being next to a railway line means all cranes must be de-rated in accordance with Network Rail requirements.   

As well as the Sáez SL 730, Bennetts has provided the site with a Raimondi LR213 and two Jost 316s, all high-capacity cranes with luffing jibs.   

Luffing jib cranes were supplied because, unlike saddle jib cranes, several luffing jib cranes can be placed close together, maximising the speed of construction and productivity.   

“Building with precast concrete is highly efficient but it does require careful planning when it comes to specifying the lifting solution to make the most of these efficiencies. We recommended the Sáez SL 730 for Camden Goods Yard due to its high load capacity of up to 36 tonnes which meant the concrete frame could be built on a tight programme,” said Edward Seager, Managing Director at Bennetts Cranes. 

The Sáez SL 730 is expected to be on-site for 98 weeks and is estimated to be dismantled in August 2024. 

The future of construction 

Precast concrete panels for construction projects are becoming increasingly popular. With the panels being manufactured off-site, it significantly reduces the time required for on-site assembly. There is also less lifting and moving of materials, creating a safer work environment with fewer hazards. Plus, assembling the panels off-site reduces on-site waste and can be more environmentally friendly. 

The large panels are much heavier than individual materials such as bricks, which means a bigger lifting capacity is needed. Even though high-capacity cranes are more expensive to hire, they usually outweigh the cost savings of hiring the crane (or cranes) for less time. Once the crane is on-site and the precast panels are supplied, it is a quicker process to lift the panels into place. 

Bennetts Cranes is committed to providing the best available technology to keep up with the ever-evolving construction industry.  

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