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Press releases | 24 January 2020

Health and safety credentials upgraded with new BSI certification

At Bennetts Cranes we’re always working to proactively improve and expand our health and safety processes to ensure the safety of our equipment, our employees and those people who work on sites with our tower cranes.

Health and safety certificates are something that need to be continually updated. Official industry accreditations are an important part of measuring our success and ensuring we comply at the highest level.

We have recently been awarded ISO 45001 – the BSI Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

This newer standard is an upgrade to ISO 18001 because it encourages ‘risk-based thinking’, a more proactive, flexible and preventative approach based on resolving and minimising risks before they materialise rather than simply controlling hazards.

Sue Chamberlain, QEHS Manager at Bennetts Cranes, said: “We are really pleased to have the upgraded ISO 45001 to recognise our high levels of health and safety management. As a business that works at height in a high-risk environment, we place health and safety at the heart of our everyday operations – ensuring every staff member is fully trained and understands our processes and procedures is key to that.”

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