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Views | 11 September 2020

How to hire a tower crane

Hiring a tower crane is about much more than getting a simple quote. The type of tower crane you hire can have a significant impact on build time and budgets, therefore a little extra knowledge can save construction managers money and time.

At Bennetts Cranes we pride ourselves on strong in-house knowledge and expertise, which we share with our clients. We want to ensure clients get the best possible crane for the job, and that means assessing things like detailed site drawings to suggest the best lifting solutions.

In an article we wrote for Construction News magazine you can read about an example with significant cost savings from the Managing Director of Bennetts Cranes, Edward Seager.

And look out for our forthcoming Buyer’s Guide, which will be a free and detailed guide on how to hire a tower crane, including tips on saving costs and choosing the best models. Not only will this be a downloadable guide, but we’ll also have a fact-packed resources page for you to access with information for crane procurement. Hear about it first by signing up to receive our newsletter.

In the meantime if you need a quote give us a call on 01453 811754, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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