Quality assurance

Quality assurance

At Bennetts we are committed to ensuring the highest quality, environmental and health and safety standards are met and are at the forefront of everything we do. We leave our clients in no doubt that every area of our business has been audited and every staff member has been trained, to offer a safe and professional service.

Supplier assurance

Our quality assurance scheme ensures that not only are we cautious and conscientious about our own work, people and equipment, but that we check and rigorously assess our suppliers to make sure they have all relevant accreditation and compliance required – from environmental procedures to health and safety policies.

Training assurance

Training for all our staff is rigorous and ongoing – it must be consistently updated and renewed. On top of general safety training, for every job each staff member is required to read and understand the lifting plans and risk assessments to ensure they understand the scale of the risk and the job in detail. This ensures not only the safety of our own staff, but the people around them and the contractors we work with.

Equipment assurance

Our equipment is serviced, maintained and routinely assessed and audited to ensure compliance. All equipment requiring calibration, monitoring or measuring controls, are registered and inspected under the appropriate legislation ensuring that the appropriate certificates or records are held and updated as and when required.

Environmental assurance

We endeavour to ensure that the work we do has as small an impact on the environment as possible. Our activities are regularly reviewed with the intention of reducing impacts and minimising pollution, for example, we have built up our fleet of hydraulic luffing jib cranes as they use half the power of traditional luffers.

Health and safety assurance

Our overall aim is to ensure that all our staff, and any person associated with Bennetts, goes home in the same condition they commenced the day, through continuous improvement of health conditions and general safety precautions. Find out more about our rigorous health and safety programme >