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News | 12 July 2022

Bennetts provides specialist crane for 16-storey multi-use development in Cardiff

Bennetts erected its MTL Lux 220 with 40m jib and 57m tower at the Landore Court building development. This crane has a specialist hydraulic luffer that can have a 55m jib and 9.6m out of service radius, which few crane models can match.

The multi-development site on Charles Street, Cardiff, includes two ground-floor commercial units in a ‘u-shaped’ block. On the Charles Street side, the site will increase to five storeys, and at the rear, on Wesley Lane, the building will rise to 16-storeys.

Overall, there will be 150 apartments; this includes 47 studios, 65 one-bed apartments, and 38 two-bed apartments. This development provides rental accommodation with two commercial units right in the heart of Cardiff.

Planning permission for this project was granted on several conditions, including a £266,000 contribution by the developers to the local community. This funding included £10,000 for a nearby ‘Nextbikes’ stand – a bike sharing service providing an eco-friendly alternative to getting around.

Lots of planning went into the construction of this development due to the complex nature of the building within a densely populated city. This included making sure the out of service was as low as 9.6m due to the site being in close proximity to a neighbouring building – a student accommodation block.

Dismantling this crane will involve a full road closure and will be carried out over the front of the new building to make it as safe as possible.

Through careful planning, an expert crane team and the choice of a specialist crane, this has been a successful installation.

You can watch the assembly of our crane in Cardiff here:


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