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Press releases | 22 February 2018

Bennetts to take first delivery of all-new Raimondi LR330 luffer with 18 tonne capacity

Raimondi has launched its all-new 18 tonne capacity luffing jib tower crane, the LR330, with a new triangular jib design with six lengths ranging from 30 to 60 metres.

At Bennetts, we are exclusive UK Raimondi dealers and we will be the first to take delivery of these cranes this month, shipped direct from Italy where they are made.

The new jib profile will reduce storage transport dimensions and will offer a shorter out-of-service radius to avoid any oversailing issues.

At the maximum radius, it can lift 3300kg in ultra-lift mode. Six different jib length configurations, from 30 metres to 60 metres, satisfy all needs in terms of specific jobsite configurations.

The LR330 can be equipped with three different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 80kW or the two falls configuration with the more powerful 110kW, while the four falls configuration has an installed power of 80kW. The rope capacities are respectively: 650 metres, 1000 metres, and 980 metres, and all winches may be equipped with a secondary emergency brake.

Technical director at Raimondi Cranes, Domenico Ciano, said on the launch of the crane: “We’re proud to present a technologically advanced, superior performance luffing crane, fully European in manufacture, to the market. The LR330 is productive, durable, strong and efficient.

“As the flagship crane of the new luffing range, we have incorporated a breakthrough equilateral triangular jib design to enhance several different aspects of the machine. Structurally optimised, this innovative layout allows for improved packaging and transportation, simplifies the construction phase, and reduces wind impact on the jib, thereby decreasing the out-of-service radius.”

A choice of two towers is available, the new 2.1 metre-wide GR5H or the 2.3 metre wide GR6 tower series, available in various lengths for maximum versatility.

To reduce pressure on the operator and simultaneously increase the overall level of onsite safety, the safety control system’s installed sensors monitor all of the crane’s movements and monitor the load, supporting the operator as site hazards approach. Alerting the operator with alarms and direct intervention, the LR330 is both agile and intelligent.

We look forward to putting this new model into service this year.

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