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News | 07 August 2018

Bennetts uses BlokCam technology on cranes to improve safety

We have recently started to use BlokCam technology to improve safety on sites and accuracy for our crane operators.

BlokCam is a wireless crane camera system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook or boom tip of a crane.

The sound and view from below the camera is then transmitted to a screen in the crane cab. This allows the crane operator to see and hear the load and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, visual feed of the critical areas that working in the blind would never allow.

The technology is robust and uses strong magnets to hold the equipment in place. BlokCam as a business understands the crane and construction industry and has built something that is truly fit-for-purpose – already we’re finding it useful equipment.

Edward Seager, Managing Director of Bennetts, said: “The BlokCam system is an invaluable asset to our business, improving health and safety for our employees, our clients and everyone on site, as well as offering better unobstructed views for our crane operators from inside the cab.

“Technology such as this is certainly the future of crane operations and construction as far as we are concerned.”

Currently this is an add-on service offered by Bennetts, but it is starting to become more popular as construction companies see the merit in additional safety features, particularly on busy or cramped building sites.

If you are interested in using BlokCam technology with your next tower crane hire or purchase talk to our sales team.


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