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Stories | 05 August 2017

Challenging sites blog series: Securing a crane in a railway collapse zone

In this series we look at some of the more challenging sites we supply cranes to, and some of the solutions we have come up with the enable clients to carry out construction safely and effectively, without excess hassle and time wasted.

The site

Construction site for Travelodge’s first modular build hotel in Uxbridge.

The challenge

The crane that was hired was a Jost JL 316 and it needed to lift 14 tonne steel modules. However, the site where the crane needed to be erected was positioned within a collapse zone of a railway. This would normally result in the lifting capacity being de-rated by 25%, meaning it wouldn’t be adequate for the lifting job.

The solution

Working in conjunction with Jost, the crane manufacturer, Bennetts designed, manufactured and installed a collar around the tower and secured it to the ground with guy ropes to provide additional stability. Network Rail was happy with the solution and the additional levels of stability, which provided extra protection for the railway line, and in return agreed we did not need to apply the usual 25% load reduction. This was a great solution and outcome all round for us, Network Rail and the contractors on site.


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