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Press releases | 03 August 2022

First Saez SL 730, 36 tonne luffing jib crane delivered to Bennetts Cranes

Bennetts Cranes has taken delivery of the first Saez SL 730 – the largest luffing jib model in the Saez tower crane fleet, with a 36,000kg (36 tonne) maximum load.

Bennetts is the first hire company worldwide to buy this new model. It will join the other Saez cranes in the Bennetts’ fleet, two SL 450 luffing jib cranes with 24-tonne capacity and a SL 320 luffing jib crane with 18 tonne capacity.

The SL 730 is the newest model in the Saez luffer range with the largest load capacity, making it suitable for lifting very heavy pre-cast concrete slabs for projects where they are using off-site building methods.

“In the UK, we are seeing off-site building methods becoming more popular,” said Edward Seager, Managing Director of Bennetts Cranes. “Building with pre-cast concrete panels is very fast and effective, however you do need a bigger crane to lift the panels.

“This new Saez SL 730 tower crane has a very large load capacity for a luffing jib tower crane, which will be perfect for lifting heavy pre-cast panels. We are very pleased to have taken delivery of the first SL 730 that has come out of manufacture from Saez. We have used the SL 450s for several years and have been very pleased with their reliability,” added Mr Seager.

The SL 730 is capable of hoisting a maximum of 36,000kg at a radius of 10m from the tower, and can be configured with jib lengths from 35m to 70m depending on site requirements.

It is fitted with a 167 HP (123 Kw) INVERTER LEBUS motor, capable of shifting a load of 1,725kg at a speed of 248m/m. It also has a maximum capacity at a 70m radius of up to 6,700kg in 2 falls, or 5,500kg in 4 falls.

Alongside the power and capacity, there is a range of state-of-the-art features including remote diagnostic systems and load balancing.

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