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Press releases | 12 December 2017

First Jost topless luffing jib crane with 4m out-of-service radius on site in Exeter

The first Jost topless luffing jib crane in the country with an out-of-service radius of only 4m, was erected in Exeter by Bennetts.

We were pleased to purchase the first Jost JTL 68.4s in the UK, and to erect it on a challenging site in the centre of a busy city in November, which will soon become home to student accommodation for the University of Exeter.

The Jost crane has been designed with a very short counter jib (4m) and front jib free-slew radius. It has significant structural reinforcement so it can achieve such a small out-of-service radius.

This new hydraulic crane is the perfect solution for small sites and urban areas where contractors face issues of over-sailing nearby properties.

Edward Seager, Managing Director of Bennetts, said: “The new Jost JTL 68.4s is an excellent solution for this site and many similar sites in cities around the UK. With such a short counter jib and out-of-service radius there is no issue with it over-sailing properties, however it can still lift 4 tonnes.

“We see this crane being very popular in London, where sites can be small and very challenging, and it is an excellent addition to our luffer fleet.”

The Jost 68.4s crane was erected on site using an existing tower crane – another Jost luffing jib crane that had been erected a few weeks previously. This in itself is an unusual practice, and was a measure again taken due to the limited size of the site and ability of both luffers to achieve short out of service radii in free slew.

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