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News | 16 November 2018

Heavy lifting for the restoration of the iconic Hoover Building

When driving down the A40 in West London it’s hard to miss to striking facade of the iconic Hoover Building.

The Grade II listed Art Deco building, built in the 1930s, was the factory for The Hoover Company, but today it has been transformed into 66 luxury apartments.

The building was acquired by IDM properties in 2015, and work quickly began to restore this building to its former glory, with a contemporary twist for the modern dweller.

Bennetts Cranes provided heavy lifting for the site between 2016 and 2017. During this time the Jost JTL158.6 luffing jib tower crane, with a maximum lift of 6 tonnes at 21.5m and a 2.4 tonne lift at the end of its 50m jib, was busy moving materials around site.

A restoration project such as this is a privilege to work on, bringing an old building back to life to be enjoyed. However, working with Grade II listed buildings is not always easy, and this project came with its own challenges.

The original gateway into the building is very narrow – there was just inches to spare when we very slowly and carefully drove a mobile crane through to erect the tower crane.

Precision planning and careful execution was needed to ensure that the job was completed without any damage to the existing building. The outcome, however, is clear for all to see.

The contemporary apartments with their Art Deco touches enhance the existing 1930s building.

The Hoover Building project has been featured in Premier Construction Magazine, with an editorial from Bennetts Cranes about our role in the project. View the article and more photos of the Hoover building here.

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