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Case studies | 16 August 2020

Managing site logistics for a luxury apartment development in Kensington

Between 2018 and 2020, Bennetts Cranes provided four tower cranes for the development of the Royal Warwick Square site in Kensington. Two were large capacity Raimondi LR330 luffing jib cranes and two were small Raimondi LR174 hydraulic luffing jib cranes. All four cranes were situated within the footprint of the building and needed to operate at the same time on a busy site. With four cranes in close proximity and all working on a busy development, we needed to plan a safe system of work and ensure there was no risk of the cranes colliding. By using the LR330s at the front of the development for the large lifts and the more agile hydraulic cranes behind was an excellent use of the crane models – ensuring all could work without colliding and without downtime – which resulted in an efficient build

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